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The Insanity in a journal, INSANITY

17 April
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Hello. My nickname is Kawaii kibii. I am the normal, just a little to crazy type of girl. Im a daredevil. I love Jackass, Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, and other kind of shows like that. I love Comedy Central. I like any kind of music. Not one type of song is wrong to me. I like them all. I kinda like school. My friends, my techers are cool, well most of the time. Anyway, I have black hair on top while beneath the black it's blonde. Everyone thinks that is soo cool. I'm titled "COOL". Yea, sure. I like anime, but not as much as I used to. But I like anime still. I have 1 dog, Gito. I like to play outdoor activities. I have a strong vocabulary. I said too big words. So, no more intelligent vocabulary. There I go again. Haha. Sorry. Well, not sure what else to say. My style! Umm......I just wear what I feel like I wanna wear. At school, Im labeled as a cool puerto rican chica. -_-; don't ask. Um. I think that's all I remember for now. IF I remember anything else, I'll update. Well, till next time. oh and one more thing........ I AM A JACKASS DAREDEVIL


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